Terms of hire

To book your trip contact us on: 07534 777697 or use our booking request form. Our office is open every weekday Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm. If we are not able to get to the phone when you call, please leave a message and we will get back to you the next day. Due to us being a volunteer community transport service, we do not operate on Bank Holiday.  We will always pick up any answerphone messages you leave us the next day we are operating and call you back, provided if you leave us a phone number to do so.

Our service is available seven days a week throughout the year depending on the availability of volunteer drivers and minibuses.

Please get in touch at least 7 days before any planned trip. All our drivers are volunteers, so we try to give them advance warning of when we need their help. If you have to make a last-minute booking, call us on 07534 777697 and we will try to help when possible.


If you must cancel a trip, please let us know at least 24 hours beforehand, to avoid any inconvenience to our drivers and other customers and we aim to give you 48 hours’ notice if we are in the unfortunate situation where Newcastle Community Transport and not complete your Journey.


Our customer fees are designed to be affordable and easy to pay. If you use our friendly community transport service, we will send you a costing request a few weeks into the following month after your trip. We accept BACS and cheques. Our drivers do not accept money.

Charges: For passengers travelling as a group, £2.20 per mile per bus based on the return journey to our depot, currently M Club Spa & Fitness Centre, Trent Vale. For someone travelling as a single independent passenger, £2.20 per mile based on the return journey to their home and then back to Mclub Spa and Fitness Centre.

Our costs are regardless of the number of passengers and we are a not-for-profit organisation (registered charity:1015627).  For regular support groups, we will always discuss set journey charges.

Please remember that our drivers do not handle cash and are all volunteers working in the local community to support the local community needs for fair, accessible transport our customers may be vulnerable people in need of safe easily accessible transport services.

For more information on booking, costings and fees, call us on 07534 777697